Susan Walden Mosaics
Swirlendipity I
Swirlendipity I' is the first in a
four-mural collaborative series
created by a global group of
mosaic artists and being
donated to:
Providence Park Hospital
Novi, Michigan

Each 6” mosaic swirl was
composed on a mesh
background in the individual
artists’ studio and shipped
to Michigan where it was
then incorporated into the
larger mural.
The varied pieces were pulled
together utilizing a fluid
background of cool hued

'Swirlendipity I' represents
intersection and divergence;
the twists and turns that life
hands each of us.
By combining these divergent
pieces into a unified mural,
we are reminded of our
connection to one another.

All Swirl pieces were created
as 6”x6” squares.
Materials used include:
stained glass, vitreous tile,
tempered glass, mirror,
sea glass, ceramic tile,
millefiori, china, river rocks,
agate, glass cabochons,
metal ballchain, beads (onyx,
turquoise, glass, Czech
crystal, shell, silver, pearls)
acrylic paint and mica.
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