Susan Walden Mosaics
Swirlendipity II
Swirlendipity II is the second
in a four-mural collaborative
series created by a global
group of mosaic artists.
Each 6” swirl mosaic was
composed on a mesh
background in the individual
artists’ studio and shipped
to Michigan where it was
then incorporated into the
larger mural. The varied pieces
were pulled together utilizing
a dazzling background of
reflective swirls.

Swirlendipity II is a continuation
of the journey started in
Swirlendipity I— exploring the
twists and turns of life, using
swirls to represent intersection
and divergence—with an
emphasis on the brighter,
more playful side of life, as
represented by the exuberant
colors of the background.

All Swirl pieces were created
as 6”x6” squares.
Materials used include:
stained glass, vitreous tile,
mirror, ceramic tile, china,
metal ballchain, glass
marbles, millefiori, flatware
and beads (glass, Czech
crystal, shell, metals, pearls).
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