Susan Walden Mosaics
Heartistry is the fourth in a
four-mural collaborative
series created by a global
group of mosaic artists
and being donated to:
Providence Park Hospital
Novi, Michigan

Each heart mosaic was
composed on a mesh
background in the individual
artists’ studio and shipped
to Michigan where it was
then incorporated into
the larger mural.
The multiple and varied
pieces were pulled together
utilizing an intricate and
detailed background.

Heartistry is perhaps the
most literal of the four murals.
The subjects of hearts and
artistry are combined in a
loving tapestry of red, white,
and silver to remind us of our
connection to each other
through one thing we
all share – a heart.

Each of the pieces within
Heartistry was designed to
represent hearts. In each
design there may be one
heart, many hearts, or just
a portion of a heart.
Designs could be bold,
busy, swirly, clean or simple,
but only three colors could
be used: red, white, and
silver. While there was no
requirement to use all three
colors—each piece was
required to have some red
in it. Materials used in
Heartistry include:
stained glass, vitreous tile,
tempered glass, mirror,
dichroic glass, fused glass,
plate glass, ceramic shapes,
paper, flatware, metal key,
jewelry: earrings, bracelet,
pendants, charms, glass
marbles, millefiori, polymer
clay, ballchain, bb pellets,
clockwork gears, and
beads of coral, metal,
glass, and onyx.
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